Afropean on tour - Zielona Gora, Poland

Zielona Gora – Love at every sight!

One of the perks of being an Afropean is the fact that you can travel through 2 continents feeling at home everywhere you go. However being of African heritage, you sometimes need to have a strength of character when travelling to certain parts of Europe. Not because it is different […]


Impressions of Bruges

If you are looking for smaller versions of the best of many European cities, you need not look further than Bruges in Belgium. It is a most beautiful city which reminded me of Venice with its gondolas, Amsterdam with its narrow but lively streets, Paris with its street art, Prague […]

Impressions of Brussels

I have been visiting Brussels for various reasons now for a number of years. But this piece is about a weekend I spent there in the summer of 2013. Sometimes you visit a place and things just fall in place. That is how it felt spending a weekend in Brussels. […]

Impressions of Stockholm

My first impression of Stockholm is that of a Scandinavian metropolitan city at peace with itself and enjoying her potentials to the fullest.  Arriving in Stockholm felt like arriving at the house of an old, familiar friend. From the time I stepped out into Arlanda airport, everything just felt right. […]

National theatre Iganmu, Lagos

Impressions of Nigeria

I have been going off and on to Lagos, Nigeria now for close to 20 years. My impression of Nigeria is that of a country that has managed to turn a beautiful dream into a recurring nightmare. When going to Nigeria, one needs to be prepared to cast aside every […]


Impressions of Denmark

My first impression of Denmark is that of a small Scandinavian country quietly minding its own business.  This was a vacation that was picked by my 9 year old son. I did not know where I wanted to spend this vacation. My wife wanted to go to Luxembourg. We eventually […]

Impressions of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is beautiful. Period! My impressions of Luxembourg is that of a scenic country that has everything that just makes you wonder. From the undulating roads to its scenic country side, from its ancient castles to its beautiful forests, Luxembourg is just breathtaking. It a country surrounded by big brother […]