Afropean 100

The Afropean 100

Afropean 100 will recognise and celebrate 100 people of African origin who, in their own ways, are contributing positively to both the European and the African society. In addition and since by definition Afropeans are not an island by themselves, the intention is to celebrate at least 2 people of European origin who have in their own ways facilitated the empowerment of The Afropean in The Netherlands and/or Europe.

The plan is not to make this another award ceremony but a celebration of the Afropean culture, diversity, and economic contribution to both continents. In short, a celebration of whom we are!

This will be an annual celebration of the contributions of people of African origin to both continents we hold dear.

A 5-minute video profile of all the 100 Afropeans will be made to enhance visibility. These individuals are from all works of life are contributing positively publicly or privately, visibly or quietly to both the African and the European continent.

In subsequent years, the first 100 Celebrants will become the members of the Afropean 100 academy that will nominate the next 100.

Invitations have been sent out starting in April 2022.

Alphonse Muambi


Godian Ejiogu


Hashim Dagano


Betty Bifwoli


Anita Otchere