Stichting Afropeans

Stichting Afropeans

The bridge connecting 2 continents

Mission & Vision

Mission Stichting Afropeans seeks to facilitate the integration, visibility and participation of Europeans of African origins into the Dutch society in particular and in Europe in general. Vision To honour and celebrate Afropeans living and...
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Afropean is said to be a word first coined by Talking Heads singer David Byrne to describe the music of Belgian-Congolese group ‘Zap Mama’. It was later popularized by amongst others, the Afro-French sister duo...
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Board of Directors

Jessica Effah (Board member)

My name is Jessica Effah. I am a social worker and teacher. I am also an Afropean living in Holland's capital city! Being an Afropean...
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Chidi Nwosu (Treasurer)

I am happy it’s finally here and I can be part of this journey. Africans born and living in Europe to collaborate and identify themselves...
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Bianca de Lang (Secretary)

My name is Bianca from Rotterdam. Lived in Africa (Angola) for many years and have always been looking for an opportunity to build a bridge...
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Femi Soewu (Chairperson)

The urgency to define and celebrate our identity & uniqueness came from a friend who lives in Poland. He told me that as an African...
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Oost-West Rotterdam Best?

Verschillen overbruggen   Het Project Stichting Afropeans wil de integratie, zichtbaarheid en participatie van Europeanen van Afrikaanse afkomst in de Nederlandse samenleving in het bijzonder...
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Year Report

Stichting Afropeans – End of the year report 2020

The year 2020 was a year like no other. It was the year when Covid-19 brought the whole world to a standstill. It the midst of the worst worldwide pandemic in 100 years, Stichting Afropeans was born! On Monday 13 July 2020, Stichting Afropeans was officially registered as a non-profit foundation under the Dutch law. But even though Stichting Afropeans is registered in Holland, its goals and ambitions cover Europe and Africa

Aims & objectives

The stated objectives of the foundation include raising the profile, self-awareness and celebrations of the achievements of Afropeans in Europe. Stichting Afropeans seeks to facilitate the integration, visibility and participation of Europeans of African origin into the Dutch society in particular and in Europe in general. Increase the representation of Afropeans in the public domain & spaces. Empower Afropeans by training! Build bridges & connect communities. Bring Afropeans in need out of isolation by assisting in their fight against loneliness, homelessness and hunger.


To honour and celebrate Afropeans living and working in The Netherlands in particular and in Europe in general. (This will culminate in an annual event called Afropeans 100)

To build a cultural, educational, economic bridge between the Africa and Europe. To afford the Africans a platform to socialise and to network.

To show the diversity of the Africans living in Europe. (This will be achieved through partnerships with other organisations and active initiatives)

To provide role models for the next generation. (We hope to create events where young Afropeans will be able to share platform & experiences with outstanding Afropeans in their field of work. (This might take the form of a Ted Talk-like events but focused on Afropean Minds)

To fully utilise the knowledge base and expertise of these new Europeans in the development and facilitation of self-help projects both in Europe and in Africa. (Through consultation/consultancy/participation in the shaping of government policies etc.)

Contributing to structural self-reliance projects of both Afropean people in Europe and people in Africa. (Development and implementations of projects and project plans)

Increasing awareness among residents of the Netherlands, Europe and Africa of Afropean culture and social issues.

Founding members/Board of Directors

The 5 founding members of Stichting Afropeans and members of the Board of Directors are;

Femi Soewu (Chairman)

Bianca de Lang (Secretary)

Chidi Nwosu ( Treasurer)

Jessica Effah (Board Member)

Max Koffi (Board Member)

Every board member sits for a 3 year period with a 2 time maximum extension of another 3 years after which new board members will be appointed in their place

Achievements of 2020

It has been a challenging year with the fluid nature of the Covid-19 regulation and directives making it difficult to organise any concrete physical activity. However, behind the scenes we are building cornerstones for a more successful 2021. In 2020, Stichting Afropeans was registered and it commenced operations. The foundation has identified core programmes and activities for 2021. (more about these below) A logo, website and social media channels have been developed and launched.

In co-operation with Open Up! Stichting Afropeans has, in 2020, set up its first (virtual) Afropean leadership workshop called Train The Trainers. This is an outreach training programme by which interested Afropeans will be trained in the art of debating and participation in public discourse. The aim is that the Train The Trainers trajectory will lead to more community participation amongst the Afropeans. The first of the training sessions will start in the second week January 2021.

Goals for 2021

Concrete plans for 2021 include the launching of the Afropean 100. (In the current Covid-19 age, part of this will include a virtual photographic exhibition and & profiles of a group of 100 Afropeans) This will conclude with a day of activities in 2021 on which we will celebrate 100 Afropeans and their achievements in Europe.

Participating with (local) partners to provide assistance to Afropeans in Need. (This will be amongst others, helping the homeless etc.) Stichting Afropeans also intends to link up with organisations that currently provide logistical support to undocumented African immigrants in Europe.

Creating a volunteer pool for the various activities of Stichting Afropeans activities.

Setting up interactive activities to highlight the Afropean (cultural) heritage in Europe. This might include, but not exclusive to, an Afropean matinee of music, fashion, film, food etc.

Stichting Afropeans will be striving for more Afropean representation in the national space in 2021. This will be done, amongst others, by continuing to update and expand our database of Afropean professionals and influencers. This human resources database will be offered to (public) institutions where Afropeans are either underrepresented or where Stichting Afropeans feels the people in the database are more qualified to better represent the Afropean viewpoint.

Stichting Afropeans is a foundation that is run entirely by volunteers. It is the aim of the foundation to attract more volunteers with specialisation in different fields in 2021.

More goals and programmes will follow once these have been conceptualised and formalised

In short, Stichting Afropeans will be introducing itself to the wider public in 2021!