Stichting Afropeans

Mission & Vision


Stichting Afropeans seeks to facilitate the integration, visibility and participation of Europeans of African origins into the Dutch society in particular and in Europe in general.


To honour and celebrate Afropeans living and working in The Netherlands in particular and in Europe in general.

To build a cultural, educational, economic bridge between the Africa and Europe. To afford the Africans a platform to socialise and to network.

To show the diversity of the Africans living in Europe.

To provide role models for the next generation.

To fully utilise the knowledge base and expertise of these new Europeans in the development of and facilitation of self-help projects both in Europe and in Africa.

Contributing to structural self-reliance project of both Afropean people in Europe and people in Africa.

Increasing awareness among residents of the Netherlands, Europe and Africa for Afropean culture and social issues.

Stichting Afropeans will facilitate her goals through sponsorship, subsidies, gifts and through income from self-organised commercial activities.