Stichting Afropeans


Afropean is said to be a word first coined by Talking Heads singer David Byrne to describe the music of Belgian-Congolese group ‘Zap Mama’. It was later popularized by amongst others, the Afro-French sister duo Les Nubians.

Stichting Afropeans (Afropeans Foundation) seeks to facilitate the integration, visibility and participation of Europeans of African origins into the Dutch society in particular and in Europe in general.

Broadly an Afropean is;

  • A European with African ancestors.
  • All those born in Europe with African parents
  • Biracial people of which at least one parent is of African origin and the other of European origin.
  • Any African living and/or working in Europe with a (semi) permanent status.

Be inspired and inspire others too. Stand tall and be proud to be an Afropean!

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