Roberto Blanco

Roberto Blanco

Roberto Blanco (legal name: Roberto Zerquera Blanco), was born 7 June 1937 in Tunis, Tunisia. Of Afro-Cuban origin, Blanco is a German-speaking Schlager singer and actor.

Blanco is the son of Cuban folklorist and artist Alfonso Zerquera and his wife Mercedes Blanco. He grew up in Beirut and Madrid . When Roberto was two, his mother died. After finishing school he began to study medicine in Madrid, but quit after two semesters.

In 1957, Blanco played a role in the movie Der Stern von Afrika (The Star of Africa). His singing career began with Josephine Baker. In the 1960s, he became a hit star in his own right and appeared in various films – among them Johannes Mario Simmel penned All People Will Be Brothers and the Erich Kästner adaptation Three Men in the Snow.

In 1969, Blanco won the German “Schlager-Festspiele” with his song “Heute so, morgen so” (Today Like This, Tomorrow Like This). Following that, Blanco recorded a number of hit albums. His music career peaked in 1972 with “Ein bisschen Spass muss sein” (A Little Fun Is Mandatory) and “Der Puppenspieler von Mexiko” (The Puppeteer of Mexico). Since then he has appeared on numerous music and variety TV shows, most frequently on ZDF’s Hitparade.

Source: Wikipedia